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It takes courage and unity to change the behavior and habits.

Tostan’s 3-year education program is therefore not only aimed at individuals, but at entire villages.

In fact, Tostan makes a difference for up to 600 men, women, and children at a time, who, directly or indirectly, experience how eg.:

  • The number of child brides and circumcised girls is decreasing
  • Corporal punishment is replaced with dialogue
  • Women are elected to leadership positions in their villages

Furthermore, it is important to mention that once a village has been accepted into Tostan’s training program, the village is obliged to build a school. The village also has the task of acting as ambassador and support for the neighboring villages that also want a change. In this way, the dialogue across villages and the locally anchored rings in the water is created in the finest way.

We call that a lasting and sustainable change.

Make a difference – invest in knowledge

The foundation for change is knowledge. Knowledge about health, environmental issues, human rights, democracy and the economy, all of which helps to equip the West African local communities to manage their own development and future.

At Tostan, we simply believe that the way to a dignified life is through knowledge. Knowledge is therefore the most sustainable and long-term investment you can make when you want to make a difference.

So become a member or make a contribution today – you’re making a difference!

Thank you.

Make a contribution

You can also support Tostan Denmark without registering. To maintain our status as a charity we need your support.

Examples of what your donation means. A gift of DKK 200 corresponds to two years of education for one person. If you combine a gift of DKK 200 with a membership, it corresponds to the full 3-year Community Empowerment Program course for one person.
Your donation goes directly to Tostan’s work in West Africa.

Thank you.

Transfer the contribution via: 9570 / Konto nr: 12264763
IBAN DK5430000012264763

Remember to write “Gift” as well as your full name, CPR or CVR number and e-mail address in the text field on the transfer.

Information for Danish donors: Skattefradrag

Vi arbejder på at bidrag til Tostan Danmark bliver berettiget til skattefradrag. I 2023 kan du få fradrag for op til 17.500 kr. på bidrag og gaver, dog er der ikke fradrag på medlemskontingent og varekøb.

Når året er omme, indrapporterer vi det samlede bidrag fra dig til Skattestyrelsen, så det automatisk kommer med på selvangivelsen. For at vi kan indberette, skal vi bruge dit CPR eller din virksomheds CVR-nummer med hver enkelt overførsel – ellers får du ikke fradrag. Alle bidrag går ubeskåret til Tostan. Fradragets værdi udgør ca. 26 %.

Giv en hånd med

Er du interesseret i at høre mere om vores aktiviteter i Danmark, vil du give en frivillig hånd med, eller har du nogle idéer, du gerne vil dele, så er du altid meget velkommen til at skrive til eller ringe på tlf. +45 29490080.